Thursday, September 08, 2005

My mad as hell moment

I read a lot of politically oriented blogs and quite often they all talk about the same small set of articles. I generally try to avoid doing that. I figure my time is better spent writing about something (or at least some aspect) that you won't read everywhere else. I'm going to ignore my SOP for the the moment. I expect that many other people will write about this exact same issue. Good. 'Cause I'm pissed.

For the past few days, Democrats have been calling for an independent investigation to investigate the response to Hurricane Katrina; one modeled on the bipartisan 9-11 commission. Now in a display of bicameral, unipartisan amity, the Republicans in the House have agreed with the Republicans in the Senate that what they need to do is have a joint House-Senate investigation. In other words they need an investgation in which Democrats are out numbered. Democrats cannot affect the agenda. Democrats will probably not be able to call witnesses unless we can convince some of the specificly chosen Republican committee members to cross over and support us.

You don't need to be precognitive to guess the outcome of this committee: it's all the fault of the state and local officials.

This is BS. There needs to be a fair investigation, one whose results we can trust; but Frist and DeLay (and DeLay's lap dog Hastert) are doing everything they can to prevent a fair investigation from occurring.

Now, I have read a few articles that lead me to question a few of the decisions made by Mayor Nagin. If he made mistakes, so be it. Let them come out too. But a whitewash of this administration's debacle, cannot be allowed to happen.

Via Tim Grieve and many others.


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