Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy, Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yes, once again it's Talk Like A Pirate Day.

And now for your visual edification, er...avast, me mateys, th' Pirate Keyboard:

And now, for our friends in New Orleans in the newly re-opened French Quarter, this is part of Bush Minor's speech from last week translated into Pirate Talk:
I know that when ye sit on th' steps o' a porch 'ere a homeport once stood, or sleep on a cot in a crowded shelter, 'tis hard t' imagine a bstarboard future. But that future will come. Th' streets o' Biloxi an' Gulfport will again be filled wi' lovely homes an' th' sound o' children playin'. Th' churches o' Alabama will be havin' the'r broken steeples mended an' the'r congregations whole. An' here in New Orlists, th' street cars will once again rumble down St. Charles, an' th' passionate soul o' a great city will return."

Of course, since Bush took the power with him when he left, I guess they're just screwed.

Via Feministe and Language Log.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"bstarbord?" "New Orlists?" Bright and Orleans, I guess. Somebody should tweak that Pirate translator.

2:55 PM  

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