Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What's so (honkin') funny 'bout peace, love and understanding

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that nude dancing is a form of protected speech. So isn't it just common sense that honking your car's horn in support of a weekly protest should also be protected? Not only is it making a statement (support for the protesters) but since the statement is political (protesting against the war), the honking is worthy of the greatest level of protection that we give to speech under the first amendment. Unfortunately the police in Tiburon, CA have different ideas.

"We have been picketing for a long time. All of a sudden the police are out there trying to stop the honks," said peacenik Melvin Fiske, a corporal in the Marines during World War II. "We assume honking is as American as (apple) pie. If people want to applaud our actions it is their right to do that."

Tiburon Police Capt. Dave Hutton said excessive honking is an "unlawful use of horn" and officers are simply doing their job.

So, any bets on how long it'll take before the court throws these tickets out?


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