Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Strange Fruit (revisited)

Earlier today, Majikthise put up a list of the twenty US Senators who refused to co-sponsor the Anti-Lynching resolution that was passed yesterday, and what a shock, one of the ones from my state was on the list.

In the comments, one reader suggested that we bug these people until we find out why they weren't willing to take even this small step to atone for the Senate's failure to pass anti-lynching legislation half a century ago.

Well, here's me doing my little bit:

Dear Senator Chambliss,

I was wondering why you were only one of twenty Senators who not only refused to co-sponsor yesterday's anti-lynching resolution, but also refused a roll-call vote.

Granted the apology has come at least fifty years too late, but what is wrong with this small measure.

Charles Smith

I'll let you know if I hear anything back.


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