Saturday, June 18, 2005

Random Ten - now with new grading action

The latest variation on the Friday random ten is to grade the coolness of the songs that are on your list. Amanda at Pandagon does it following up on posts from Norbizness and Lauren at Feministe.

I argued in the comments on Pandagon that one cannot judge how cool one's own music is, that can only be done by others. So feel free to grade my random selection on the Feministe Scale of Coolness (1 being wack and 10 being bitchin’). Top and bottom scores for each song will be dropped and the average will be how cool I am this week.

Let 'er rip:

  1. Aimee Mann - She Really Wants You (download from linked page)
  2. Peter Mulvey - Here In the Going Going Gone (couldn't find a copy, sorry)
  3. The Duhks - Death Came a Knockin' (Real Audio format)
  4. Miss Tammy Faye Starlite - Highway 69 (clip from eMusic)
  5. Leo Kottke - Busted Bicycle (clip from eMusic)
  6. Anaïs Mitchell - I Wear Your Dress (mp3 download)
  7. John Doe (with Dave Alvin and Grant Lee Philips) - Heartless (clip from eMusic)
  8. Kaki King - Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine (couldn't find a copy, sorry)
  9. Natalie Farr - Little Girl (Real Audio format)
  10. John Fahey - The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick (couldn't find a copy, sorry)


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