Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Here a geek, there a geek, ...

So, following up on my last post in which I said that John Adams was a geek, I've decided that as I read through the American History series, I'm going to create a list of Presidential Geeks.

Just to state, being a geek is not a bad thing, in fact I wear it as a badge of honor; however since gladhandling has generally been considered both manditory for a President and anathema for a geek, I think its worthwhile to make a list of those people who have broken the mold.

As a preliminary list, I'm inclined to include both John Adams and his son, John Quincy Adams, as geeks; as well as Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Wilson, Nixon, and Carter. I'm sure they're more and some of my initial suggestions might be knocked off the list.

If you have any suggestions, or feel that my preliminary list is in error, let me know. I'll discuss each one as I come to him in my reading before I develop any sort of final list.


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